Ripp presenterar sig själv

Kanadensaren Mark Ripp får presenterar sig själv.
I'm a singer songwriter in the americana genre. My start was in the coffee houses of Toronto, some 35
years ago. Those folk beginnings we're followed by a 10 year run as front man and writer for Canadian
roots rockers The Bel-Vistas. The last couple of decades have been spent raising a family and pursuing
music as a solo artist.
I work away in my home studio now and am sometimes involved in recording and producing for others.
My brand new release is called “Under The Circumstances”, and is a musical journey through the often
unwieldy lives we lead. Influences are many, but the ones who set the bar high for me, then and now,
include, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, Van Morrison and Nick Lowe. If you’re
a fan of thoughtful, melodic, roots based song writing I encourage you to have a listen. For the most
part I perform as a solo acoustic act, and when all stars align I have a wonderful band called
The Confessors who make me look good.”
På färska Mark Ripp & The Confessors "Under The Circumstances" (Banbury Park Records/Hemifrån)
har han god täckning för sina angivna influenser i texten ovan, och det spetsat med en stark personlighet
och ett varmt låtskrivarhjärta.
Inga videos på YT ännu från albumet så därför rekommenderas Spotify där "U.T.C" finns i sin helhet.


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