Patti Smith, if I may...

You´re most welcome to this part of the planet, to the town of Östersund. We welcome you and the band with nothing less than deep gratitude. You´re long awaited. Guide us, with divine energies, through the night of july 28 2012, to a higher learning. This place and its people will offer you an intense energy in return, the spirits of our ancestors, this regions settlers, will be present in the winds from the mountains. You´ll see. I´m sure you´ll feel it.
Peter Lucas Erixon(citat ur lång mycket fin text i nyaste numret av tidningen 100% Östersund)
Läs Peter Lucas Erixons hemsida här, hans twitter här och hans intervju med Patti Smith i The Word här.
Här kommer en mycket fin kortfilm inför Patti Smiths senaste album "Banga":
Här nedan läser Peter Lucas Erixon "Last Remnants Of The Wild". Ett poem dedicerat till Patti Smith. Björn Gidlund och Gus Loxbo spelar till:


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